Classic Nitro Cold Brew

A modern classic. Get started with your NitroPress by making a straight up nitro cold brew.
Classic Nitro Cold Brew

Classic Nitro Cold Brew

Making a nitro-style cold brew with the NitroPress couldn’t be easier. Just note that a full NitroPress will only make 1-2 coffee drinks at a time, and it takes a few minutes to charge with gas, so if you need a large batch for lots of deliciously foamy cold coffee you may want to consider a kegerator instead.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 200-500 mL of your favorite cold brew
  • NitroPress with one N2 gas cartridge

What to do:

Prepare your favourite cold brew recipe or buy some pre-made. If necessary, filter the cold brew through a fine sieve or coffee filter and add to the NitroPress. Screw on the cap firmly and charge the NitroPress with one nitrogen gas cartridge. Shake the NitroPress for a few minutes to infuse the nitrogen gas. Holding the NitroPress upside down, squeeze the trigger to dispense your nitro cold brew into your favorite glass!

Some tips for best results:

  • You can shake the NitroPress for a minute or two, then stick it back in the fridge to keep cool if you don’t need to serve the coffee yet. Just give it a few shakes again prior to serving.
  • It may be tempting to use more gas cartridges, but we strongly recommend sticking to just one. Using more can raise the internal pressure inside the siphon too high and can be dangerous.
  • More viscous liquids will have a denser, creamier head. You may want to brew your coffee stronger or add ingredients like flavored syrups to help increase the body of the drink.
  • We recommend filtering any liquid you add to the NitroPress, either through a fine mesh sieve or a coffee filter. Sediment or solid particles can clog the dispensing nozzle.


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