We update these FAQ's regularly when we get new questions. Please check back here or email us if you have specific questions. Some of these are questions and answers from other customers to deliver the most accurate information possible.

What is a NitroPress?

A handheld coffee machine which enables the user to infuse coffee with Nitrogen gas (N2) creating ‘Nitro coffee’ at home.

What can I make with it?

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee





and MORE!

 What is NitroPress Coffee?

Coffee infused with Nitrogen gas (N2) …just like Guinness. It is then poured through the NitroPress for a smooth creamy texture.

Whats the benefits?

Nitro coffee is creamy and naturally sweet without any sugar or dairy. 

Perfect for Keto and Vegan diet plans, and generally supporting a healthy lifestyle.

What other gases can you use in the NitroPress?

Soda chargers (C02) - add fizz and bubbles to drinks.

Soda chargers are used in the exact same way as Nitro chargers for coffee. Simply add 500ml of liquid and infuse with 1 Soda charger to create the sparkling drink of your choice.

Cream Chargers (N20) - allow you to make whipped cream.

The only difference when using Cream Chargers is you need to remove the aerator from the nozzle. Add whipping cream to the canister and infuse with 1 Cream charger to create whipped cream - YUM!

Is the NitroPress machine washable?

Yes, it can be put through the dishwasher, however hand washing with a bit of washing liquid is equally as effective.

*The Copper NitroPress is hand wash only

Whats the NitroPress made of?

Stainless Steel

Built to last

What do you do with your used chargers?

All chargers are made of steel and are fully recyclable. Simply put them in your recycling waste. If you don’t have recycling waste, contact us to inquire about our Eco Charge recycling service. Sustainability is key to us here at Hatfields.

Where do you deliver?


Can you make hot drinks with the NitroPress? 

The NitroPress is not designed for hot applications. It can take a maximum temperature of 30C.

How long is the warranty?

1 year

Q: Can you use this for beer? Will the C02 in the beer create excessive foam?

A: I tried it with a Stout and N2 cartridge. Very delicious.

Q: Is the NitroPress compatible with other brand chargers?

A: Yes, some. Although we only recommend using genuine NitroPress chargers - that way we can guarantee an excellent result.

Q: Does the canister have a coating on it, or is it just stainless steel?

A: The Original NitroPress is stainless steel with a satin finish, no plating. This is for ultimate wear and tear resistance

Q: What other tips can be purchased that fit? I don't see that any extra's are included for N20 or C02?

A: Currently we do not sell any extra tips although it is something we are working on.

Q: Does the NitroPress come with any N2 chargers?

A: If bought as a combo set, starter kit or gift set then yes. However if you purchase the NitroPress alone it will not come with any chargers.

Q: What size N2 charger does it take? 

A: The official NitroPress chargers are 2g pure N2. These will give best results.

Q: How long do the cartridges last?

A: The cartridges are single use. Simply insert the cartridge, serve the drink and replace for the next drink.

For coffee and tea, you may get two servings from the device. For smaller cocktails you could get 3-4 drinks from a single charge.

Q: How many ounces of coffee can this make with one cartridge?

16 oz of coffee per cartridge.

You can either make an 8 oz and leave the rest in the fridge for later or serve the whole 16 oz as a US pint serving.

Q: What is the maximum liquid that can be used? I know its a 500ml container, doesn't it need room to infuse?

A: The 500 model actually has a volume of 700 but should never be filled over 500ml. There is a line that indicates the maximum.

Q: How easy is it to clean?

A: Simply take it apart and put each component in the dishwasher. It can also be washed by hand under the warm running water with detergent.