Hatfields Rapid Cold Brew Coffee (Original Blend) 50g/1.75 oz



Hatfields Rapid Cold Brew Coffee (Original Blend) 50g/1.75 oz


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Product description

Hatfields introduces their Rapid Cold Brew - designed to make using your NitroPress as straight forward as possible, whilst still delivering an extraordinary coffee experience. For those times where you don't want to wait for your own cold brew, make Hatfields Rapid Cold Brew a staple item in your kitchen cupboard.

A Hatfields Original blend, we roast the beans, then cold brew for 12 hours to release a full body, smooth & sweet aroma. Before any flavour is lost, the cold brew is freeze dried and granulated for your convenience.

Perfect for nitro, just add into the NitroPress with water and enjoy the perfect nitro cold brew.

Each 50g/1.75oz pouch creates between 10 and 20 full NitroPress of cold brew (16oz/500ml)

How to make Hatfields Rapid Nitro Cold Brew

For smooth and velvety nitro cold brew using NitroPress and N2 Nitro Chargers.

  1. Add the Rapid Cold Brew into the NitroPress with the desired strength you like (we recommend around 3 teaspoons - 5-10 grams.

  2. Fill the NitroPress with filtered still water - pre-chilled is best.

  3. Charge NitroPress with an N2 Charger, shake and serve.

Use with our NitroPress & Nitrogen Chargers for best results

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