Revolutionary craft coldbrew

The NitroPress Roastery was created to bring cold brew with everyday convenience. In the never ending search to enhance the nitro experience, our Rapid Coldbrew is the simplest way to enjoy ice coffee everyday.

The easiest way to enjoy a full flavoured coldbrew everyday.

How we craft our Rapid Coldbrew

Single Origin

Produced from single origin Columbian beans to release a flavour profile we know works wonderfully with cold brew and of course, for nitro too.

Cold Brewed for 12 hours

Using a coarse grind for optimised absorption, the slowly roasted beans are cold steeped for 12 hours to release its natural tones with less acidity.

For everyday convenience

We do the prep, so you don't have to. Our granulated cold brew keeps all of the original flavour locked in, ready to be enjoyed at a moment's notice.

NitroPress ready

Rapid Cold Brew is ready to use with NitroPress. Simply dissolve 3 teaspoons in 500ml/17fl-oz of cold water and serve to start enjoying nitro cold brew.

Everyday Convenience

NitroPress Rapid Coldbrew comes in a simple 50g/1.75oz pouch. Just stir 3-4 teaspoons into cold water, add ice and enjoy. For nitro cold brew, serve using NitroPress. Each pouch creates 3 litres / 100 fl oz total.

Choose from our Rapid Coldbrews for convenience or our fresh roasted coffee for the full experience start to finish

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